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Latin textbooks

I know this has come up before, but im looking for some general as well as specific information. I'm going to be teaching the intro Latin sequence for my university next year, and the department leaves everything from book to syllabus up to me with very little input. This is great, but a bit daunting. I taught at the high school level for two years, but the thought of a whole college classroom to myself is a bit different. What i am interested i knowing is, from those of you who teach two semester sequences of introductory Latin at the university level:

1) what book/combination of books do you use and why?

2) do you use a supplementary workbook or create your own supplementary worksheets if need be?

3) have any of you used an intensive Latin textbook, spaced out over a year, and used the extra time to dive into some text? someone suggested this to me, and i like the idea, but i also dont want to stray away from the norm if there is no one else who does this.

4) any additional advice you have on ordering materials (i have to do this asap) or on websites that i should be aware of as i design my course would be much appreciated.

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