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some nerd

Teaching with a BA


I'm a senior about to graduate in May with a BA in Classics and a BA in history. I don't know for sure yet whether I want to teach Latin in secondary schools or go on to the college level, and I was considering taking a year or two off to see how teaching really is. I've been tutoring forever (since I started taking Latin in high school) but no real experience in a classroom. I keep hearing that it is possible to find jobs in private schools teaching with only a BA and no certification. Is that realistic? How do I even start (finding openings, tailoring my resume, interviewing...)? I hear about being hired "as long as you're working on getting certified" but how do you get certified exactly? I know it depends on the state, but I mean even in general, what kinds of programs are there for certification (summer? year long? part time? what?)?

Sorry if I sound naive (I am) or confused (I am). Any help you all can offer would be super. Oh, I'm in New England and staying here would be preferable, but it's not necessary. Thank you!
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